Models that contain the Cell : Spinal cord motor neuron slow twitch

(Burke, R. E., Levine, D. N., Tsairis, P., & Zajac, F. E. (1973). Physiological types and histochemical profiles in motor units of cat gastrocnemius. Journal of Physiology, 234, 723–748.)
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1.  Muscle spindle feedback circuit (Moraud et al, 2016)
2.  Neuromusculoskeletal modeling with neural and finite element models (Volk et al, 2021)
3.  Simulation system of spinal cord motor nuclei and assoc. nerves and muscles (Cisi and Kohn 2008)
4.  Spinal motoneuron recruitment regulated by ionic channels during fictive locomotion (Zhang & Dai 20)

Re-display model names with descriptions