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("The NeuronetExperimenter software can be used to quickly simulate large sets of biological neurons arranged with arbitrary network connectivity. The software makes it easy to investigate the behaviors of large, complex, neural networks, especially when starting from XPPAUT models. The software is very flexible and allows users to develop multiple neuron types with different constituent differential equations describing their behavior. Any of these neuron types can be included in a network together where each neuron has its own unique set of parameters that can be changed during the course of the simulation. The software also includes extensive analysis features useful for studying the behaviors of large networks.")
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1.  Ca2+-activated I_CAN and synaptic depression promotes network-dependent oscil. (Rubin et al. 2009)
"... the preBotzinger complex... we present and analyze a mathematical model demonstrating an unconventional mechanism of rhythm generation in which glutamatergic synapses and the short-term depression of excitatory transmission play key rhythmogenic roles. Recurrent synaptic excitation triggers postsynaptic Ca2+- activated nonspecific cation current (ICAN) to initiate a network-wide burst. Robust depolarization due to ICAN also causes voltage-dependent spike inactivation, which diminishes recurrent excitation and thus attenuates postsynaptic Ca2+ accumulation. ..."

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