Models that contain the Model Concept : Phase Response Curves

("Phase response curves (PRCs), which tabulate the effects of phasic inputs within a neuron’s spike cycle on output spike timing, are efficient tools for predicting the emergence of synchronization in neuronal networks and entrainment to periodic input." Schultheiss et al. 2011)
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1.  Circadian clock model in mammals (PK/PD model) (Kim & Forger 2013)
2.  Global structure, robustness, and modulation of neuronal models (Goldman et al. 2001)
3.  GP Neuron, somatic and dendritic phase response curves (Schultheiss et al. 2011)
4.  Phase oscillator models for lamprey central pattern generators (Varkonyi et al. 2008)
5.  Phase response curve of a globus pallidal neuron (Fujita et al. 2011)
6.  Phase response curves firing rate dependency of rat purkinje neurons in vitro (Couto et al 2015)
7.  Purkinje neuron network (Zang et al. 2020)
8.  Role of active dendrites in rhythmically-firing neurons (Goldberg et al 2006)

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