Models that contain the Region : Auditory brainstem

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1.  Calyx of Held, short term plasticity (Yang Z et al. 2009)
2.  Coincidence detection in avian brainstem (Simon et al 1999)
3.  Coincidence detection in MSO principal cells (Goldwyn et al. 2019)
4.  Dipolar extracellular potentials generated by axonal projections (McColgan et al 2017)
5.  Effects of the membrane AHP on the Lateral Superior Olive (LSO) (Zhou & Colburn 2010)
6.  High entrainment constrains synaptic depression in a globular bushy cell (Rudnicki & Hemmert 2017)
7.  Interaural time difference detection by slowly integrating neurons (Vasilkov Tikidji-Hamburyan 2012)
8.  Modelling platform of the cochlear nucleus and other auditory circuits (Manis & Compagnola 2018)
9.  Response properties of an integrate and fire model (Zhang and Carney 2005)
10.  Simulating ion channel noise in an auditory brainstem neuron model (Schmerl & McDonnell 2013)

Re-display model names with descriptions