Models that contain the Current : NKCC1

(The NKCC1 transporter is a symporter (moves atoms in the same directions) that moves 2 Cl- and one K+ and one Na+ outside the cell at a time.)
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1.  Biophysical modeling of pathological brain states (Sudhakar et al 2019)
2.  Cl- homeostasis in immature hippocampal CA3 neurons (Kolbaev et al 2020)
3.  Initiation of spreading depolarization by GABAergic neuron hyperactivity & NaV 1.1 (Chever et al 21)
4.  Mechanisms of extraneuronal space shrinkage (Ostby et al 2009)
5.  Paradoxical GABA-mediated excitation (Lewin et al. 2012)
6.  Spreading Depolarization in Brain Slices (Kelley et al. 2022)
7.  The electrodiffusive neuron-extracellular-glia (edNEG) model (Sætra et al. 2021)
8.  The electrodiffusive Pinsky-Rinzel (edPR) model (Sætra et al., 2020)
9.  Two-neuron conductance-based model with dynamic ion concentrations to study NaV1.1 channel mutations

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