Models that contain the Implementer : McDougal, Robert [robert.mcdougal at]

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1.  3D-printer visualization of NEURON models (McDougal and Shepherd, 2015)
2.  Action potential-evoked Na+ influx similar in axon and soma (Fleidervish et al. 2010) (Python)
3.  Automated metadata suggester (McDougal et al 2018)
4.  Ca+/HCN channel-dependent persistent activity in multiscale model of neocortex (Neymotin et al 2016)
5.  Constructed Tessellated Neuronal Geometries (CTNG) (McDougal et al. 2013)
6.  ModelView: online structural analysis of computational models (McDougal et al. 2015)
7.  Neuronal dendrite calcium wave model (Neymotin et al, 2015)
8.  Reaction-diffusion in the NEURON simulator (McDougal et al 2013)
9.  Spreading Depolarization in Brain Slices (Kelley et al. 2022)
10.  Using NEURON for reaction-diffusion modeling of extracellular dynamics (Newton et al 2018)

Re-display model names with descriptions