Models that contain the Implementer : Sadeh, Sadra [s.sadeh at]

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1.  A computational model of single-neuron perturbations (Sadeh and Clopath 2020)
2.  A spiking NN for amplification of feature-selectivity with specific connectivity (Sadeh et al 2015)
3.  E-I balance modulates formation and dynamics of neuronal assemblies (Sadeh and Clopath, accepted)
4.  Functional balanced networks with synaptic plasticity (Sadeh et al, 2015)
5.  Inhibition perturbations reveals dynamical structure of neural processing (Sadeh & Clopath 2020)
6.  Orientation selectivity in inhibition-dominated recurrent networks (Sadeh and Rotter, 2015)

Re-display model names with descriptions