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Models that contain the Neuron : Retina photoreceptor cone GLU cell

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1.  A network model of the vertebrate retina (Publio et al. 2009)
2.  Biophysically Realistic Network Model of the Wild-Type and Degenerate Retina (Ly et al 2022)
3.  COREM: configurable retina simulator (Martínez-Cañada et al., 2016)
4.  Reciprocal regulation of rod and cone synapse by NO (Kourennyi et al 2004)
5.  Relative spike time coding and STDP-based orientation selectivity in V1 (Masquelier 2012)
6.  Retinal Photoreceptor: I Potassium (Beech, Barnes 1989)
7.  Rod photoreceptor (Barnes and Hille 1989, Publio et al. 2006, Kourennyi and Liu et al. 2004)
8.  Simulated light response in rod photoreceptors (Liu and Kourennyi 2004)
9.  Survey of electrically evoked responses in the retina (Tsai et al 2017)

Re-display model names with descriptions