Models that contain the Model Type : Neuromuscular Junction

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1.  Facilitation by residual calcium (Stockbridge, Hines 1982)
2.  Model of peristalsis in the dorsal blood vessel of Lumbriculus variegatus (Halfmann and Crisp 2011)
3.  Motoneuron simulations for counting motor units (Major and Jones 2005)
4.  Nerve terminal currents at lizard neuromuscular junction (Lindgren, Moore 1989)
5.  Neuromechanical Model of Rat Hindlimb Walking with Two-Layer CPGs (Deng et al, 2019)
6.  Neuromusculoskeletal modeling with neural and finite element models (Volk et al, 2021)
7.  Presynaptic calcium dynamics at neuromuscular junction (Stockbridge, Moore 1984)
8.  Quantal neurotransmitter release kinetics with fixed and mobile Ca2+ buffers (Gilmanov et al. 2008)

Re-display model names with descriptions