Models that contain the Model Concept : Stochastic simulation

(At each time step variables change randomly from selected probability distributions.)
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1.  A neuronal circuit simulator for non Monte Carlo analysis of neuronal noise (Kilinc & Demir 2018)
2.  Ca2+ requirements for Long-Term Depression in Purkinje Cells (Criseida Zamora et al 2018)
3.  Dynamics of ERK signaling pathways during L-LTP induction(Miningou et al accepted)
4.  Effect of cortical D1 receptor sensitivity on working memory maintenance (Reneaux & Gupta 2018)
5.  Kesten and Langevin synaptic size fluctuation simulator (Hazan & Ziv 2020)
6.  Mesoscopic model of spontaneous synaptic size fluctuations (Hazan & Ziv 2020)
7.  On the long time behaviour of single stochastic Hodgkin-Huxley neurons (Höpfner 2023)
8.  Simple and accurate Diffusion Approximation algor. for stochastic ion channels (Orio & Soudry 2012)
9.  Stochastic Hodgkin-Huxley Model: 14x28D Langevin Simulation (Pu and Thomas, 2020).

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