Models that contain the Model Concept : Alcohol Use Disorder

(Alcohol abuse is a term that describes the harmful effects that drinking too much alcohol can have on health, relationships, and employment. Alcohol dependence refers to the inability to stop drinking alcohol, even when the patient knows it is causing serious problems. Alcohol use disorder is a term defined in DSM-5 with graded clinical severities that combines Alcohol abuse with Alcohol dependency. In ModelDB, relevant models are tagged with this keyword to help physician scientists find basic science results about the effects of alcohol on neurons.)
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1.  Alcohol action in a detailed Purkinje neuron model and an efficient simplified model (Forrest 2015)
2.  Alcohol excites Cerebellar Golgi Cells by inhibiting the Na+/K+ ATPase (Botta et al.2010)
3.  Nigral dopaminergic neurons: effects of ethanol on Ih (Migliore et al. 2008)
4.  Signaling pathways In D1R containing striatal spiny projection neurons (Blackwell et al 2018)

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