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Models that contain the Model Concept : Theta oscillations

(Theta oscillations are defined to be increases in the power spectrum around 8Hz. Some papers describe the range as 5-10 and others 4-12 Hz. The presence of these and gamma oscillations occur during wakefulness, spatial navigation, and working memory tasks.)
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1.  Decoding movement trajectory from simulated grid cell population activity (Bush & Burgess 2019)
2.  MEC PV-positive fast-spiking interneuron network generates theta-nested fast oscillations
3.  Model of the hippocampus over the sleep-wake cycle using Hodgkin-Huxley neurons (Aussel et al 2018)
4.  Striatal FSI and SPN oscillation model (Chartove et al. 2020)
5.  Theta-gamma phase amplitude coupling in a hippocampal CA1 microcircuit (Ponzi et al. 2023)

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