Models that contain the Implementer : Baxter, Douglas

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1.  A network model of tail withdrawal in Aplysia (White et al 1993)
2.  Bursting activity of neuron R15 in Aplysia (Canavier et al 1991, Butera et al 1995)
3.  Homosynaptic plasticity in the tail withdrawal circuit (TWC) of Aplysia (Baxter and Byrne 2006)
4.  I A in Kenyon cells resemble Shaker currents (Pelz et al 1999)
5.  Kenyon cells in the honeybee (Wustenberg et al 2004)
6.  Multiple modes of a conditional neural oscillator (Epstein, Marder 1990)
7.  S cell network (Moss et al 2005)
8.  Serotonergic modulation of Aplysia sensory neurons (Baxter et al 1999)
9.  Spike propagation and bouton activation in terminal arborizations (Luscher, Shiner 1990)

Re-display model names with descriptions