Models that contain the Cell : Myelinated neuron

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1.  A detailed and fast model of extracellular recordings (Camunas-Mesa & Qurioga 2013)
2.  Action potential initiation in the olfactory mitral cell (Shen et al 1999)
3.  Biophysically realistic neuron models for simulation of cortical stimulation (Aberra et al. 2018)
4.  Breakdown of accmmodation in nerve: a possible role for INAp (Hennings et al 2005)
5.  Coincidence detection in avian brainstem (Simon et al 1999)
6.  Conduction in uniform myelinated axons (Moore et al 1978)
7.  Dorsal root ganglion (DRG) neuronal model (Amir, Devor 2003)
8.  Double cable myelinated axon (Layer 5 pyramidal neuron; Cohen et al 2020)
9.  Extracellular Action Potential Simulations (Gold et al 2007)
10.  Extracellular stimulation of myelinated axon (Reilly 2016)
11.  Influence of dendritic structure on neocortical neuron firing patterns (Mainen and Sejnowski 1996)
12.  L5 pyramidal neuron myelination increases analog-digital facilitation extent (Zbili & Debanne 2020)
13.  Lillie Transition: onset of saltatory conduction in myelinating axons (Young et al. 2013)
14.  Model of peripheral nerve with ephaptic coupling (Capllonch-Juan & Sepulveda 2020)
15.  Myelinated axon conduction velocity (Brill et al 1977)
16.  Myelinated nerve fibre myelin resistance dependent on extracellular K+ level (Brazhe et al. 2010)
17.  Neurite: electrophysiological-mechanical coupling simulation framework (Garcia-Grajales et al 2015)
18.  Nodes of Ranvier with left-shifted Nav channels (Boucher et al. 2012)
19.  Olfactory Mitral cell: AP initiation modes (Chen et al 2002)
20.  PyPNS: Multiscale Simulation of a Peripheral Nerve in Python (Lubba et al 2018)
21.  Sound-evoked activity in peripheral axons of type I spiral ganglion neurons (Budak et al. 2021)
22.  Spike Initiation in Neocortical Pyramidal Neurons (Mainen et al 1995)
23.  Spinal Motor Neuron (Dodge, Cooley 1973)
24.  Spinal Motor Neuron (McIntyre et al 2002)
25.  Stimulated and physiologically induced APs: frequency and fiber diameter (Sadashivaiah et al 2018)
26.  Tight junction model of CNS myelinated axons (Devaux and Gow 2008)

Re-display model names with descriptions