Model of SK current`s influence on precision in Globus Pallidus Neurons (Deister et al. 2009)

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" ... In numerical simulations, the availability of both Na+ and A-type K+ channels during autonomous firing were reduced when SK channels were removed, and a nearly equal reduction in Na+ and K+ subthreshold-activated ion channel availability produced a large decrease in the neuron's slope conductance near threshold. This change made the neuron more sensitive to intrinsically generated noise. In vivo, this change would also enhance the sensitivity of GP (Globus Pallidus) neurons to small synaptic inputs."
1 . Deister CA, Chan CS, Surmeier DJ, Wilson CJ (2009) Calcium-activated SK channels influence voltage-gated ion channels to determine the precision of firing in globus pallidus neurons. J Neurosci 29:8452-61 [PubMed]
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Model Type: Neuron or other electrically excitable cell;
Brain Region(s)/Organism:
Cell Type(s): Globus pallidus neuron;
Channel(s): I Na,p; I Na,t; I A; I K; I K,Ca; I Sodium; I Potassium;
Gap Junctions:
Simulation Environment: NEURON;
Model Concept(s): Oscillations; Noise Sensitivity;
Implementer(s): Deister, Christopher [chris.deister at];
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L = 20
diam = 20

v_init = -55.2
tstop = 10000
celsius = 23
forall Ra = 70

	insert hcn12_gp
		gbar_hcn12_gp = 0.01
		ehcn_hcn12_gp = -20
	insert hcn2_gp
		gbar_hcn2_gp = 0.04
		ehcn_hcn2_gp = -20
	insert leak_gp
		gbar_leak_gp = 0.0001
		e_leak_gp = -65
	insert na1_gp
		gbar_na1_gp = 0.2
	insert na6_gp
		gbar_na6_gp = 0.12   //was .12
	insert kv1_gp
		gbar_kv1_gp = 0.008
	insert kv2_gp
		gbar_kv2_gp = 20
	insert kv3_gp
		gbar_kv3_gp = 0.1
	insert kv4_gp
		gbar_kv4_gp = 0.05   	//was 0.05
//	insert kir2_gp
//		gbar_kir2_gp = 0
	insert kcnq_gp
		gbar_kcnq_gp = 0.004
//	insert bk_gp
//		gbar_bk_gp = 0
	insert sk_gp
		gbar_sk_gp = 0		//0.15
//	insert cal_gp
//		gbar_cal_gp = 0
	insert cap_gp
		gbar_cap_gp = 2e-04
	insert ca_gp
	insert Gfluct
		g_e0_Gfluct = 1.21e-06
		std_e_Gfluct = 0.001		//0.001 when using noise
		tau_e_Gfluct = 5
		E_e_Gfluct = -70
// Note: Gflut is syn.mod

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