Wang-Buzsaki Interneuron (Talathi et al., 2010)

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The submitted code provides the relevant C++ files, matlabfiles and the data files essential to reproduce the figures in the JCNS paper titled Control of neural synchrony using channelrhodopsin-2: A computational study.
1 . Talathi SS, Carney PR, Khargonekar PP (2011) Control of neural synchrony using channelrhodopsin-2: a computational study. J Comput Neurosci 31:87-103 [PubMed]
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Model Type: Neuron or other electrically excitable cell; Synapse;
Brain Region(s)/Organism:
Cell Type(s): Neocortex fast spiking (FS) interneuron; Abstract Wang-Buzsaki neuron;
Gap Junctions:
Transmitter(s): Gaba;
Simulation Environment: C or C++ program;
Model Concept(s): Synchronization;
Implementer(s): Talathi Sachin [talathi at];
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*******************README FOR Control of Neural Synchrony Using Channelrhodopsin-2, article tobe published in JCNS 2010*********************
Date 11/30/10 :

This directory contains all the source codes and other aasociated file for implementing the code and generating figures reported in the JCNS-2010 article titled:
Control of Neural Synchrony Using Channelrhodopsin-2-A Computational Study

The two main folders containing all the essential libraried are ./C++HH and ./simul_lrn (Do not change or touch any of the libraries in these folders)

The main codes are in directory ./C++HH/Codes/OptoControl/
This folder also includes the folder MatlabFiles containing all the relevant matlab scripts as well as the data that was used to generate the figures

There are 3 main C++ files. 

The corresponding executables are
1) runOpto
2) run_PRC
3) run_slow_compute

The Makefiles used to create the above executables (compiled on IMAC running i686-apple-darwin10-gcc-4.2.1) are 
1) MakeOpto.f
2) Make_PRC.f
3) Make_Inhib_Slow.f

All the functions required in above above C++ codes are in define.h and defineOpto.h file.

The key Matlabfiles to generate the figures are

1) PlayTemp.m -Creates the Phaseplots of time evolution of delta_n as function of H for various cases presented in the paper
2) CloseLoopTest.m- Does the nonlinear map calculations for closedloop control

The full differential equation for the UCI network in the presence of the closed loop control is implemented in

-Sachin S Talathi
Assistant Professor
Dept of Pediatrics, Biomedical Engineering and Neuroscience
Univ of Florida

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