CA1 pyramidal neuron: Dendritic Na+ spikes are required for LTP at distal synapses (Kim et al 2015)

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This model simulates the effects of dendritic sodium spikes initiated in distal apical dendrites on the voltage and the calcium dynamics revealed by calcium imaging. It shows that dendritic sodium spike promotes large and transient calcium influxes via NMDA receptor and L-type voltage-gated calcium channels, which contribute to the induction of LTP at distal synapses.
1 . Kim Y, Hsu CL, Cembrowski MS, Mensh BD, Spruston N (2015) Dendritic sodium spikes are required for long-term potentiation at distal synapses on hippocampal pyramidal neurons. Elife [PubMed]
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Model Type: Neuron or other electrically excitable cell; Synapse; Channel/Receptor; Dendrite;
Brain Region(s)/Organism: Hippocampus;
Cell Type(s): Hippocampus CA1 pyramidal GLU cell;
Channel(s): I L high threshold; I K; Ca pump; I Sodium;
Gap Junctions:
Receptor(s): AMPA; NMDA;
Transmitter(s): Glutamate;
Simulation Environment: NEURON;
Model Concept(s): Dendritic Action Potentials; Ion Channel Kinetics; Active Dendrites; Detailed Neuronal Models; Synaptic Plasticity; Long-term Synaptic Plasticity; Synaptic Integration; Calcium dynamics; Conductance distributions;
Implementer(s): Cembrowski, Mark S [cembrowskim at]; Hsu, Ching-Lung [hsuc at];
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kad.mod *
kap.mod *
kdr.mod *
na3.mod *
morphology_ri06.nrn *
naceaxon.nrn *
resetNSeg.hoc *
* section lists                                  *

objref soma
somaA soma = new SectionRef()

objref distTuft
distTuft = new SectionList()
numDistNeurites = 0
forsec "dendA5_01111111111111111" {
	if (strcmp(secname(),"dendA5_01111111111111111")==0){
		// skip the neurite right before the distal bifurcation

objref all_apicals
all_apicals = new SectionList()
dendA5_0 all_apicals.subtree()

objref all_basals
all_basals = new SectionList()
dendA1_0 all_basals.subtree()
dendA2_0 all_basals.subtree()
dendA3_0 all_basals.subtree()
dendA4_0 all_basals.subtree()

objref primary_apical_list
primary_apical_list = new SectionList()
dendA5_0 primary_apical_list.append 
dendA5_01 primary_apical_list.append 
dendA5_011 primary_apical_list.append 
dendA5_0111 primary_apical_list.append 
dendA5_01111 primary_apical_list.append 
dendA5_011111 primary_apical_list.append 
dendA5_0111111 primary_apical_list.append 
dendA5_01111111 primary_apical_list.append 
dendA5_011111111 primary_apical_list.append 
dendA5_0111111111 primary_apical_list.append 
dendA5_01111111111 primary_apical_list.append 
dendA5_011111111111 primary_apical_list.append 
dendA5_0111111111111 primary_apical_list.append 
dendA5_01111111111111 primary_apical_list.append 
dendA5_011111111111111 primary_apical_list.append 
dendA5_0111111111111111 primary_apical_list.append
dendA5_01111111111111111 primary_apical_list.append 

objref d[16]
for ii = 0, 15 {
	d[ii] = new SectionList()

/* BRANCH 0 in code, BRANCH 1 in Fig3 */
dendA5_00 d[0].append

/* BRANCH 1 in code, BRANCH 2 in Fig 3 */
dendA5_010 d[1].append
dendA5_0100 d[1].append
dendA5_0101 d[1].append

/* BRANCH 2 in code, BRANCH 3 in Fig 3 */
dendA5_0110 d[2].append
dendA5_01100 d[2].append
dendA5_01101 d[2].append
dendA5_011010 d[2].append
dendA5_011011 d[2].append
dendA5_0110110 d[2].append
dendA5_0110111 d[2].append

/* BRANCH 3 in code, skipped in Fig 3 because too short */
dendA5_01110 d[3].append

/* BRANCH 4 in code, BRANCH 4 in Fig 3 */
dendA5_011110 d[4].append
dendA5_0111100 d[4].append
dendA5_0111101 d[4].append

/* BRANCH 5 in code, BRANCH 5 in Fig 3 */
dendA5_0111110 d[5].append
dendA5_01111100 d[5].append
dendA5_01111101 d[5].append
dendA5_011111010 d[5].append
dendA5_011111011 d[5].append
dendA5_0111110110 d[5].append
dendA5_0111110111 d[5].append

/* BRANCH 6 in code, skipped in Fig 3 because too short */
dendA5_01111110 d[6].append

/* BRANCH 7 skipped in Fig 3 because too short */
dendA5_011111110 d[7].append

/* BRANCH 8 in code, BRANCH 6 in Fig 3 */
dendA5_0111111110 d[8].append
dendA5_01111111100 d[8].append
dendA5_01111111101 d[8].append

/* BRANCH 9 in code, BRANCH 7 in Fig 3 */
dendA5_01111111110 d[9].append

/* BRANCH 10 in code, BRANCH 8 in Fig 3 */
dendA5_011111111110 d[10].append

/* BRANCH 11 in code, BRANCH 9 in Fig 3 */
dendA5_0111111111110 d[11].append
dendA5_01111111111100 d[11].append
dendA5_01111111111101 d[11].append

/* BRANCH 12 in code, BRANCH 10 in Fig 3 */
dendA5_01111111111110 d[12].append
dendA5_011111111111100 d[12].append
dendA5_011111111111101 d[12].append
dendA5_0111111111111010 d[12].append
dendA5_01111111111110100 d[12].append
dendA5_01111111111110101 d[12].append
dendA5_0111111111111011 d[12].append

/* BRANCH 13 in code, BRANCH 11 in Fig 3 */
dendA5_011111111111110 d[13].append

/* BRANCH 14 in code, BRANCH 12 in Fig 3 */
dendA5_0111111111111110 d[14].append

/* BRANCH 15 in code, skipped in Fig 3 because too short */
dendA5_01111111111111110 d[15].append

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