Multifunctional control of feeding in Aplysia (Webster-Wood et al. 2020)

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Hybrid Boolean network implementation of a functional model of key feeding behaviors (biting, swallowing, rejection) and behavioral switching induced by sensory cues. Incorporates known neural connectivity and a mechanical model of the feeding apparatus.
1 . Webster-Wood VA, Gill JP, Thomas PJ, Chiel HJ (2020) Control for multifunctionality: bioinspired control based on feeding in Aplysia californica. Biol Cybern 114:557-588 [PubMed]
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Model Type: Boolean network;
Brain Region(s)/Organism: Aplysia;
Cell Type(s): Aplysia feeding CPG neurons; Aplysia interneuron; Aplysia motor neuron; Aplysia B31/B32 neuron;
Gap Junctions:
Simulation Environment: Python; MATLAB;
Model Concept(s): Invertebrate; Bursting; Connectivity matrix; Behavioral switching;
Implementer(s): Webster-Wood, Victoria A; Gill, Jeffrey P; Thomas, Peter J; Chiel, Hillel J;
Files displayed below are from the implementation
# Aplysia-Feeding-Boolean-Model
Discrete time, discrete state representation of Aplysia central pattern generator for multifunctional feeding behavior, coupled to continuous, (relatively) low biomechanics.  
Archived source code is available through Zenodo [![DOI](](


Vickie Webster Wood, CMU.

Peter Thomas, CWRU.

Jeff Gill, CWRU.

in consultation with Hillel Chiel, CWRU.

Last Update: 8/10/2020

This Model contains two MATLAB .m files for simulating Aplysia-like multifunctional feeding behavior. The two files are as follows:

1. AplysiaFeeding_driver.m

This file is the driver function which contains code sections for running the following behaviors

	A. Biting
	B. Swallowing
	C. Rejection
	D. Swallowing seaweeds of varying strength
	E. Transitions from swallowing to Rejection
	F. Transitions from biting to swallowing
	G. Stimulation of the B4/B5 interneuron during swallowing
AplysiaFeeding_driver.m uses the AplysiaFeeding class to create an aplysia object and perform simulation and plotting tasks.
2. AplysiaFeeding.m

This file is a class to establish, run, and plot the hybrid Boolean/continuous model of the Aplysia feeding circuitry and biomechanics.

To generate figures 11-13, open the AplysiaFeeding_driver.m file. Initialize the AplysiaFeeding object (line 9) and run sections A-F. Make sure that the variable aplysia.use_hypothesized_connections = 0.

To generate figure 14, open the AplysiaFeeding_driver.m file. Initialize the AplysiaFeeding object (line 9) and run sections G. Make sure that the variable aplysia.use_hypothesized_connections = 1.

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