This is the readme for the model associated with the paper

Heinzle J, Hepp K, Martin KA (2007) A microcircuit model of the
frontal eye fields. J Neurosci 27:9341-53


To run in matlab unzip the Folder
and set the matlab path to it.

Change settings to the simulation in SetupDemo.m and
run the simulation FEF_DEMO.m

A figure appears within a minute which is updated to show the state of
the simulation:

screenshot 1

And then after 4 minutes 7 figures are displayed that show the result
of the run:

screenshot 2


The model is also available from the first author's web site: an excerpt from
the paper supplies a web link to the model:

"Neurons and synapses. The basic elements of the FEF model, IF neurons,
and synapses, were defined similarly to those of Salinas (2003). (In
our common effort for transparency and reproducibility of computer
simulations, our complete code is available at"