This is the readme for the model for the paper

Palmer LM, Stuart GJ (2009) Membrane potential changes in dendritic
spines during action potentials and synaptic input. J Neurosci 29:6897-903

The authors supplied the cell and spine morphologies and code to
create Fig 5B. The ModelDB administrator added scripts to recreate
additional figures from the paper.

To run the simulation: Auto-launch from modeldb or download and
extract the archive and then under

cd to the newly extracted folder and type nrnivmodl to compile the mod
file then type nrngui mosinit.hoc to start the simulation.

run mknrndll and traverse to the newly extracted folder to make the
dll.  Double click on the mosinit.hoc file in windows explorer

Mac OS X
Drag and drop the folder onto the mknrndll icon to compile the mod
file and then drag the "run" hoc file onto the NEURON icon.

Once the simulation has started you can select from the buttons which
simulation you would like to run:
If you click on the Fig 5B button you should see:

Fig. 5b

Clicking the "Fig 5C, D" button, after a few seconds, will display:

Fig. 5cd

The supplementary figure 2c button, "Suppl. Fig. 2c", will run to
completion in a few seconds generating:

Suppl. Fig. 2c