This is the readme for the model associated with the paper

Deister CA, Chan CS, Surmeier J, Wilson CJ (2009)
Calcium-Activated SK Channels Influence Voltage-Gated Ion Channels to
Determine the Precision of Firing in Globus Pallidus Neurons
J. Neurosci. 29:8452-8461


To recreate the simulations found in Figures 7A and 7B of the paper
please load either withSKsoma.hoc or noSKsoma.hoc, depending on the
condition of interest. This will automatically load a session that
will give you a plot of voltage against time on the left and a plot of
the availabilities of the Na+ and K+ channels against voltage on the
right.  If you do this for the withSKsoma.hoc you will see a set of
graphs that should look like the following:


Please note that up to the first 5 seconds of the simulation have a
subtle slow transient, which may affect your ability to recreate the
plot precisely. In our paper, we ran the simulations for 10 seconds
and discarded the first 5 seconds. Figure 7 in the paper shows the
last second of simulated activity.

I have tried to make things easy to obtain a set of graphs that is
free of transients and more closely mirrors the paper (random numbers
are involved so it will not be exact).  To do this load the file as
outlined before and close all graphs, then click "init" in the
RunControl, then set, in the RunControl dialog, "Continue til" to 8000
ms (should already be done for you) and then click that button. Once
the simulation timer "t" reaches 8000 you can then load
"" by choosing load session from the File menu and
then click in the RunControl "Continue for (ms)," which should be set
to 1000. If you do this for the noSKsoma.hoc file, you should end up
with a set of graphs that looks like the following: 


Please email any questions to

Mod files, with the exception of syn.mod were originally from Mercer
et al. (2007) J Neurosci 27: 13552-13566 and at:
syn.mod was adapted from a file published by A. Destexhe at and is
further commented in the file. 

Chris Deister

20101021 ModelDB Adminsitrator: The syn.mod file was updated by fixes
provided by Ted Carnevale.  See syn.mod and the hg repository for more
details.  These bugs did not significantly change the behavior of the