NEURON mod files from the paper:

Culmone V, Migliore M (2012) 
Progressive effect of beta-amyloid peptides accumulation on CA1
pyramidal neurons: a model study suggesting possible treatments.
Front. Comput. Neurosci. 6:52. doi: 10.3389/fncom.2012.00052

The model predicts possible therapeutic treatments of Alzheimers's
Disease in terms of pharmacological manipulations of channels' kinetic
and activation properties. The results suggest how and which mechanism
can be targeted by a drug to restore the original firing
conditions. The simulations reproduce somatic membrane potential in
control conditions, when 90% of membrane is affected by AD (Fig.4A of
the paper), and after treatment (Fig.4B of the paper):

fig 4B

Under unix systems:
to compile the mod files use the command 
and run the simulation hoc file with the command 
nrngui membrane_potential.hoc

Under Windows systems:
to compile the mod files use the "mknrndll" command.
A double click on the simulation file
will open the simulation window.

Under Mac OS X systems:
Drag and drop the alzheimer folder onto the mknrndll icon.
Drag and drop the mosinit.hoc file onto the nrngui icon.

Questions on how to use this model
should be directed to