This is the readme for the animatlab model associated with the paper:

 Chung B, Bacque-Cazenave J, Cofer DW, Cattaert D, Edwards DH (2015)
 The effect of sensory feedback on crayfish posture and locomotion:
 I. Experimental analysis of closing the loop. J Neurophysiol

This software requires the animatlab package which is available for
free download here:

The windows version has been verified to run by the modeldb
administrator (20160331).

There are tutorials available to learn how to use AnimatLab in


1) Once you have downloaded and extracted this archive start animatlab
and click file-> Open and browse to open the Crayfish Hybrid
Experimental Model file (an AnimateLab project file).

2) Click on the Workspace tab in the upper right and then click on the
minus signs to contract the trees associated with "Behavioral System"
and "Body Plan"

3) Double click on the text of "Body Plan" to see the virtual
environment in the right panel.

4) From the top menu select View - Run Simulation.

You should see a depiction of the crayfish with a leg up and


It is possible to rotate in 3D by dragging the mouse on the image
during the AnimatLab simulation.