This directory contains source code used in Fig. 3 of the publication 

Michalikova M, Remme MWH, Kempter R (2016): Spikelets in Pyramidal
Neurons: Action Potentials Initiated in the Axon Initial Segment that
do not Activate the Soma, PLOS Comp Biol

The model was implemented with the Python interface to NEURON.  For
information on installation and usage, see
Hines et al. (2009): Neuron and Python. Frontiers in Neuroinformatics

To run this model, either auto-launch from ModelDB or first compile
the .mod files (e.g. with "nrnivmodl"), then run in Python the script
"" (ipython: "run") The script generates voltage traces
and dV/dt as shown in Fig. 3 B and S2 B.