This is the readme for the model published in 

Kampa & Stuart (2006) Calcium spikes in basal dendrites of layer 5
pyramidal neurons during action potential bursts. 
J Neurosci 26(28):7424-32.

The simulation creates two plots showing voltage and calcium changes
in basal dendrites of layer 5 pyramidal neurons during action
potential (AP) backpropagation.  Running after selecting 1 AP leads
to (after zooming in on the Ca2+ plot):



Autolaunch from ModelDB **or** download and extract the archive and
then compile the mod files in the mod directory and run under ...

by typing
nrnivmodl mod
in the top level directory.  Then type
nrngui mosinit.hoc


by running mknrndll, cd'ing to the mod directory and press make
nrnmech.dll button.  Copy the nrnmech.dll file to the parent directory
of the mod folder (the top-level directory).  Double click on the
mosinit.hoc file.


drag and drop the mod folder onto mknrndll icon in the NEURON
application folder.  Start a terminal window, cd to the directory
within the expanded archive and type 
mod/powerpc/special mosinit.hoc -
to start the simulation.


Choose the number of APs in a burst and press the run button. By
increasing the number of APs the calcium signal in the basal dendrites
will increase supralinearly.  3 or more APs in a burst will lead to
generation of a dendritic calcium spike similar to the experimental
results shown in Kampa & Stuart (2006).

In addition, a 4-AP experiment, blocking IA channels, can be simulated
or a TTX experiment blocking local Na channels.

created by B. Kampa (2006)

20120126 Cad.mod solve method updated to derivimplicit from euler as per