This is the readme for the model published in 

Letzkus, Kampa & Stuart (2006) Learning Rules for Spike
Timing-Dependent Plasticity Depend on Dendritic Synapse Location.
J Neurosci 26(41):10420-9.

The simulation creates several plots showing voltage and NMDA current
and conductance changes at different apical dendritic locations in
layer 5 pyramidal neurons during STDP induction protocols.


Autolaunch from ModelDB **or** download and extract the archive and
then compile the mod files in the mod directory and run under ...

by typing
nrnivmodl mod
in the top level directory.  Then type
nrngui mosinit.hoc


by running mknrndll, cd'ing to the mod directory and press make
nrnmech.dll button.  Copy the nrnmech.dll file to the parent directory
of the mod folder (the top-level directory).  Double click on the
mosinit.hoc file.


drag and drop the mod folder onto mknrndll icon in the NEURON
application folder.  Start a terminal window, cd to the directory
within the expanded archive and type 
mod/powerpc/special mosinit.hoc -
to start the simulation.


Choose a pre-post interval (default +10 ms, i.e. post- synaptic action
potentials occur 10 ms after presynaptic EPSP stimulation). Dendritic
locations are 200 microns (proximal) or 800 microns (distal) from soma
as shown in figure 8 in Letzkus (2006).

Running the model in the default configuration should lead to:


created by B. Kampa (2006)

20110406 mod/cad.mod integration method changed to derivimplicit as
suggested by Ted: