20130329: Note from the ModelDB administrator:

This model used to be supplied by the far below link to the ybanitt web site which is broken. The model is now made available in this archive which is a copy of the original model with some modifications including this ReadMe. The ReadMe file in the original code identifies ssc.hoc as the main file.

Michael Hines suggested an edit which has been incorporated here that makes the old code compatible with the most recent version of neuron: in iA.mod a tadj calculation was moved out of the INITIAL block to below the TABLE statement in PROCEDURE mhn(v). Michael explains the reasoning:

"The underlying behavior change is that threads demand that tables be computed before the call to INITIAL. At that time, of course, tadj=0 hence a divide by 0 and a cascade of other things. I regret that change from old implementation dependent behavior ... The underlying issue is that multiple threads are calling INITIAL and it is generally a bad idea in that situation to assign a value to a global variable.

The catch 22 is that if you turn off the table( usetable_iA = 0) then the calculation of tadj is fairly expensive."

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