This is the readme for the model associated with the paper:

Johnson MD and McIntyre CC. (2008) "Quantifying the neural elements
activated and inhibited by globus pallidus deep brain stimulation." J

Model files for two types of non-human primate neurons used in the
paper: simplified versions of 1) a GPi neuron and 2) a GPe axon
collateralizing in GPi en route to STN.  Additional files for
simulating the response of these cells to deep brain stimulation can
be requested by contacting the authors.

GPi neuron model (implemented from tracing in Fig4, Parent2001, J Comp

GPe axon model (implemented from tracing in Fig5, Sato2000 J Comp

Questions on the model, please contact Matt Johnson

Example Use:

Check that you have NEURON installed (available from Autolaunch from ModelDB **or** download
and expand the archive and compile the mod files to run under ...

by typing
nrnivmodl GPi_model
in the top level (JohnsonMcIntyre2008) directory.  Then type
nrngui mosinit.hoc


Run mknrndll, cd to the expanded directory and then the GPi_model
subdirectory, press make nrnmech.dll button.  Move the nrnmech.dll
file to the top level directory (JohnsonMcIntyre2008).  Double click
on the mosinit.hoc file (in windows explorer).


Drag and drop the GPi_model directory onto the mknrndll icon.  Drag
and drop the GPi_hocProps.hoc file onto the nrngui icon.  This starts
the simulation for a point from fig 2C.

Once the simulation is running:

Choose one of the first two buttons to either run a demo version
(short run) excerpt of figure 2A (right) or an example run from which
one point in the curve in figure 2C can be obtained.

For the later case (after 13 minutes on 2.8GHz Pent 4) you should see
an image that looks like this:


20110524 Ted Carnevale supplied an update for a likely almost never
occuring condition.  See mod files GPe_model/AXNODE75.mod
GPe_model/PARAK75.mod GPi_model/AXNODE75.mod GPe_model/PARAK75.mod for
lines on which a minus sign was removed.