These simulations reproduce the model in 

Jing Shao, Dihui Lai, Ulrike Meyer, Harald Luksch, and Ralf Wessel,
Generating oscillatory bursts from a network of regular spiking
neurons without inhibition. Journal of Computational Neuroscience,

 The code is written in standard C++ by Dihui Lai. Questions on using
the code should be addressed to

The author has tested the code in compiler 'Xcode' under MAC and
'Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition' in Windows XP.
Example Use (in Xcode):

launch the X code program File->New Project->choose C++ tool->add the
header files and cpp files into the project->Build and Go

The program will generate 9 txt files, put them in the same folder
with the Matlab file rasterplot2.m and vplot.m. In Matlab, use
rasterplot2 to generate a raster plot of the model neurons activity
and use vplot to see the voltage trace of the center neuron in Ipc.

Parameter Scan:

Uncomment the code for parameter scan in the file ParSearch.cpp and
run the program again. As an illustration, I put the complete data in
the folder ParameterScan. Each sub-folder correspond to a different
parameter scan.

Run the scoreimg.m in Matlab.

The code can also be compiled and run under linux with the following:

g++ -lm `ls *.cpp` -o run

then running vplot.m under octave you can generate the following plot: