Reproduces all simulations from:

Steephen, J. E., & Manchanda, R. (2009). Differences in biophysical
properties of nucleus accumbens medium spiny neurons emerging from
inactivation of inward rectifying potassium currents.
J Comput Neurosci

This implementation by John Eric Steephen ( to
whom questions should be addressed.

Usage: Auto-launch from ModelDB and skip to step 4 or
1. Unzip into an empty directory.
2. Compile the mod files with mknrndll (or nrnivmodl in unix).
3. Double click on main.hoc (or drag and drop onto nrngui (MAC), or
   start with "nrngui main.hoc" (unix/linux)).
4. A window with the title Control Panel will appear with several
   controls, one of which will be the "Help" button. Click the
   "Help" button to see instructions on how to reproduce the
   simulations described in the paper.

After right clicking on the graph and selecting "Keep lines" follow the
instructions in the "Help" panel to recreate figure 1B from the paper:

Figure 1B

20111102 Files chan_Cadyn.mod chan_CaN.mod updated to use
derivimplicit.  See for more.
20120201 chan_CaKdyn.mod chan_CaL12.mod chan_CaL13.mod chan_CaQ.mod
chan_CaR.mod chan_CaT.mod also updated to not use euler (see above
link to neuron forum).