This is the readme for the model code for the paper:

Carvalho TP, Buonomano DV (2009) Differential effects of excitatory
and inhibitory plasticity on synaptically driven neuronal input-output
functions. Neuron 61:774-85

These files were contributed by Dean Buonomano.


- Extract the archive.  These programs were originally in
- Use Neuron 6.1
- You may need to recompile the mod files by running mknrndll.
- Double click X_SynSpace
- Press Multi() on the panel on the right. The simulation starts. You
  may want to disable the graphics in synspace.oc and restart, it may
  take up to 10-18 hours.
- Copy the generated "SynSpace_Out.dat" and "SynSpace_Param.dat" to
  the Matlab directory.


- Open Matlab R2007a and run "analize_synaptic_space".
- Leave the previously generated variables in the Matlab workspace and
  run "PLOT_synaptic_space".  You should get a plot containing some of
  Figure 1 D, E:


Caveat: Old fashion pointers instead of netcon are used.  It is
recomended to instead use netcon for future work.

Note: ModelDB auto-launch starts a graphical interface to parameter
exploration code so that a modeler can expore the simulation with
modelview for example.

20111101 The Neuron2009/EPlasSom.mod file was updated to use the cnexp
method: see
for more.
20120328 Neuron2009/EtoISom.mod was also updated to use cnexp. See above.