NEURON mod files from the paper:

Control of GABA release at single mossy fiber-CA3 connections in the
developing hippocampus.  Safiulina VF, Caiati MD, Sivakumaran S,
Bisson G, Migliore M and Cherubini E (2010)
Front. Syn. Neurosci. 2:1. doi:10.3389/neuro.19.001.2010

The simulation file develop.hoc reproduces the simulations shown in
Fig.7 of the paper.

Questions on how to use this model should be directed to

Example use:

Start the model by auto-launching from ModelDB or: download and
extract the archive and compile the mod files using mknrndll (windows,
mac OS X), or nrnivmodl (linux/unix) and then start by double clicking
the mosinit.hoc (windows), dragging and dropping the mosinit.hoc onto
the nrngui icon (mac OS X), or typing "nrngui mosinit.hoc"

When the simulation is started press the appropriate button to run
under particular conditions to produce graphs as in Figure 7.  To get
exactly the same traces for each panel in the figure one has to start
the simulation from the beginning every time (to seed the random
number generator).  In the below only the first figure was started
from the beginning and therefore matches the paper while the others
are similar:

Glutamate at 20 Hertz:

GLU @ 20 Hz

Glutamate at 40 Hertz:

GLU @ 40 Hz

GABA at 20 Hertz:

GABA @ 20 Hz

GABA at 40 Hertz:

GABA @ 40 Hz