/*******Cerebellar Golgi Cell Model with Na+/K+ ATPase**********

Developers:    Fabio M Simoes de Souza & E De Schutter

Work Progress: July 2009 - Dec 2009

Developed At:  Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology
               Computational Neuroscience Unit
               Okinawa - Japan
Model Published in: 

             Botta P, Simoes de Souza F, Sangrey T, De Schutter E,
             Valenzuela F (2010) Alcohol excites cerebellar Golgi
             cells by inhibiting the Na+/K+ ATPase.
             Neuropsychopharmacology 35: 1984-1996.

This script is a modification from a previous published GoC model
(Solinas et al., 2007). A Na+/K+ ATPase and ionic concentration pools
for Na+, K+, Ca2+ were incorporated into the soma of the model.
The equations that simulated the Na+/K+ ATPase are described in Table
S10 of Takeuchi et al. (2006)


Alcohol Excites Cerebellar Golgi Cells by Inhibiting the Na+/K+ ATPase
Patch-clamp in cerebellar slices and computer modeling show that
ethanol excites Golgi cells by inhibiting the Na+/K+ ATPase. In
particular, voltage-clamp recordings of Na+/K+ ATPase currents
indicated that ethanol partially inhibits this pump and this effect
could be mimicked by low concentrations of the Na+/K+ ATPase blocker
ouabain. The partial inhibition of Na+/K+ ATPase in a computer model
of the Golgi cell reproduced these experimental findings that
established a novel mechanism of action of ethanol on neural

Reference: Botta P, de Souza FM, Sangrey T, De Schutter E, Valenzuela
CF (2010) Alcohol excites cerebellar Golgi cells by inhibiting the
na(+)-k(+) ATPase. Neuropsychopharmacology 35:1984-96

Usage instructions:

Auto-launch from ModelDB or download and extract the archive.  Then


run mknrndll, cd to the archive and make the nrnmech.dll.  Then double
click on the mosinit.hoc file.


Drag and drop the Golgi_cell_NaKATPAse folder onto the mknrndll icon.
Drag and drop the mosinit.hoc file onto the nrngui icon.


Change directory to the Golgi_cell_NaKATPAse folder. run
nrnivmodl. Then type nrngui mosinit.hoc


Once the simulation is started click the button labeled 
"Figure 7g from Botta et al. 2010" The simulation will produce a
result similar to figure 7g from the paper:


20140305 An update was made to pump.mod to make the model current with
a new version of NEURON (hg revision 1027) while retaining
compatibility with old versions. The number of parameters in settables
was made to match the number of the calling instances.


* 20220924: Update MOD files to avoid declaring variables and functions with the same name.
  See https://github.com/neuronsimulator/nrn/pull/1992