Author: Etay Hay, 2011
  Models of Neocortical Layer 5b Pyramidal Cells Capturing a Wide Range of
  Dendritic and Perisomatic Active Properties
  (Hay et al., PLoS Computational Biology, 2011) 

NEURON models and model sets corresponding to the paper:

Demo: Either auto-launch from ModelDB or download and extract the
archive and compile the mod files (with mknrndll (mswin and mac, or
nrnivmodl (linux/unix)) and then start the simulation by the file

Once the simulation is started select a button to re-create parts of
Figure 4 from the paper.  Clicking on the Fig. 4A should create an
image like:


Likewise the Fig 4B, Fig 5A buttons should create images like these:



Additional information:

folder: models
NEURON code models, shown in various figures

L5PCbiophys1 - figure 1 (constrained only for BAC firing)
L5PCbiophys2 - figure 2 (constrained only for current step firing)
L5PCbiophys3 - figure 4 (constrained both for BAC and current step firing)
L5PCbiophys4 - figure S5 (AP initiation at the axon)
L5PCtemplate - general cell template

folder: simulation code
simulation code for BAC firing or step current firing.

folder: model sets
model sets corresponding to various figures.
models_errors file: error values matrix (rows: models; columns:
models_parameters file: parameter values matrix (rows: models;
    columns: parameters) objetives file: objective names, each
    corresponding to a column in models_errors file
genome file: parameter names and search limits, each corresponding to
    a column in the models_parameters file
folder: mechanisms
mod files of the conductance mechanisms used.

folder: morphologies
The three morphologies used in the paper.

20130226 added critical_frequency.hoc to simulationcode folder
20130330 critical_frequency.hoc file updated with a comment regarding
a difference between 32 and 64 bit NEURON environments.