This is the readme for the model files associated with the papers:

Masurkar AV, Chen WR (2011) Potassium currents of olfactory bulb
juxtaglomerular cells: characterization, simulation, and implications
for plateau potential firing. Neuroscience

Masurkar AV, Chen WR (2011) Calcium currents of olfactory bulb
juxtaglomerular cells: Profile and multiple conductance plateau
potential simulation. Neuroscience

These NEURON simulator files were contributed by Arjun Masurkar.


Autolaunch from ModelDB or download, extract, and compile the mod
files in the archive with nrnivmodl (unix), mknrndll (pc or mac) and
start with the command "nrngui mosinit.hoc" (unix), double click on
mosinit.hoc (windows), or drag and drop the mosinit.hoc file onto the
nrngui icon (mac).

Once the simulation has started:

Press the button labeled "Figure 7c Marsurkar, Chen 2011 (Ca2+)" and
after a few seconds you should see a graph like:


Alternatively Press Init & Run on the Run Control panel (might be
buried under other windows) to run a single pulse simulation.

20120409 iCat1m3 mechansim updated from euler to cnexp as per