This code includes detailed passive cable models of six dentate gyrus
fast-spiking basket cells published in the paper:

Norenberg A, Hu H, Vida I, Bartos M, Jonas P. (2010) Distinct
nonuniform cable properties optimize rapid and efficient activation of
fast-spiking GABAergic interneurons. PNAS 107(2):894-9.

Please, send bug reports, questions and comments to Anja Matthia (nee
Norenberg) or

This model requires NEURON to be installed which is freely available

Usage: Auto-launch from ModelDB or download and extract the
archive. There are no mod files to compile so double click on
mosinit.hoc (mswin and mac) in the Figure_2 folder or cd to Figure_2
and type nrngui mosinit.hoc (linux) which starts run-BC6.hoc

After a short pause you should see graphs which reproduce Fig. 2B, C:


Description of files:

run-BC6.hoc             runs simulation using BC6, reproducing
			Fig.2B,C of the paper. Needs nrngui.hoc
morph-BC6.hoc           contains the morphology of BC6
specify-BC6.hoc         specifies segmentation and section
			lists. Needs NsegOut-BC6.txt
pipettes.hoc            specifies pipettes used in the simulation
Graphs-BC6.hoc          specifies the plots used in the simulation
PointProc-BC6.hoc       implements point processes in the simulation
ImportData-BC6.hoc      imports experimental traces:
ExpTrace-DendLong.txt   dendritic voltage trace for BC6 to long
                        current injection
ExpTrace-DendShort.txt  dendritic voltage trace for BC6 to short
                        current injection
ExpTrace-SomaLong.txt   somatic voltage trace for BC6 to long current
ExpTrace-SomaShort.txt  somatic voltage trace for BC6 to short current
InpTrace-SomaLong.txt   somatic long injection current
InpTrace-SomaShort.txt  somatic short injection current