This is the readme for the model associated with the paper

Casale AE, McCormick DA (2011) Active action potential propagation but
not initiation in thalamic interneuron dendrites.
J Neurosci 31:18289-302

These files were contributed by Amanda Casale.

General description of the model:

This model explores conductance distributions in dendrites for
comparison to voltage-sensitive dye optical recordings from
thalamic interneuron dendrites in the dorsal lateral geniculate
The purpose is to assess action potential kinetics and amplitude in
thalamic interneuron dendrite models under different dendritic
conductance distributions.

Example Use:

The auto-launch (mosinit.hoc) will start the simulation with the
configuration that most closely matched experiment. Compile the mod
files first with mknrndll (MAC and mswin) or nrnivmodl (linux/unix) if
starting manually. Click the measure button to run the simulation and
generate graphs of kinetics.  A graph similar to that in Figure 10E's
50-25% red line is among those displayed:


Description of key files:

These files will define each cell conductance distribution for
comparison against the real cell.
Active Axon = 50 to 25% condition
Full Grad = 100 to 0% condition
No Na Dend = 0% sodium condition (our passive condition)

These files will run the individual conditions.
In Windows Explorer double click a mosinit_setup5_'' to run
Click the "measure" button to generate graphs of kinetics.

Measures peak depol and calculates spike half width, 10-90% rise time,
and 90-10% fall time.  Threshold may be specified by the user, or
determined in the previous run.