This is the readme for the code associated with the paper

Vogels TP, Sprekeler H, Zenke F, Clopath C, Gerstner W (2011)
Inhibitory plasticity balances excitation and inhibition in sensory
pathways and memory networks. Science 334:1569-73

This matlab code was included in the supplementary online material at
the Science journal website.  To run start matlab and cd to the folder
extracted from this archive.  Type "inhib_plasticity" in the matlab
command line and you should see the figure generating from the
supplementary pdf:


This archive also includes the authors matlab code (InputCurrents.m)
that makes the inputs separately as well as a Brian file
( (for Brian 1.3.0, not working with earlier versions)
(and a screenshot of the figure it produces) that runs the network

network screenshot

20120307 line 71 in inhib_plasticity.m had round() added to it - T Vogels.