These are Brian scripts corresponding to the following paper:

Brette R (2012). Computing with neural synchrony. PLoS Comp
Biol. 8(6): e1002561. doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1002561

Files are organized by topic. There can be dependencies within
folders, but not across folders.
A few scripts need to be run in a specific order, but this is
specified in the header of the files.
Note that a few simulations are very long (mostly the STDP ones).

More usage information:

Installing Brian is easy on an ubuntu 12.04 LTS system if you have
easy_install installed: just type

sudo easy_install brian

To run a sample script that just takes minutes try for example:

cd computing_with_neural_synchrony/olfaction/

After a few minutes you should see Fig9B from the paper: