These are the NEURON files for 10 different models of a reduced L5
pyramidal neuron. The parameters were obtained by automatically
fitting the models to experimental data using a multi objective
evolutionary search strategy. Details on the algorithm can be found at and in Bahl et al. (2012).

For testing: 

- Compile the channels with nrnivmodl (this model was developed under
  linux). You might then have to correct the path in reduced_model.hoc
- Test regular firing and ca-Spike examples: nrngui example1.hoc etc.
  By default the auto-launch button on ModelDB will start this file.
  After the example1.hoc is started press Init & Run.  You should see:


- You can also load the models directly: hoc files init_models_with_ca
  are models with calcium parameters properly set, while the hoc files
  in init_models_without_ca describe models with inactivated dendritic
  calcium dynamics.

Please contact me if you have problems or questions concerning the
models or the search algorithm.

Armin Bahl


Bahl, A., Stemmler, M. B., Herz, A. V. M., & Roth, A. (2012).
Automated optimization of a reduced layer 5 pyramidal cell model based
on experimental data. Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 210(1), 22-34.