Author: Etay Hay, 2013

Reference: Preserving axosomatic spiking features despite diverse
dendritic morphology (Hay et al., 2013, J. Neurophysiology)

This model was contributed by its author, Etay Hay.


Either auto-launch from ModelDB or download and extract the archive
and compile the mod files (with mknrndll (mswin and mac, or nrnivmodl
(linux/unix)) and then start the simulation by the file mosinit.hoc
which calls step_current_firing_scaling.hoc which provides a:

Simulation of step current injection with or without scaling ion
channel densities with conductance load (rho).

Parameters for the user to play with:

1. scaleYN - 1 or 0 - to scale ion channel densities with conductance
load (rho) or not.

2. morphology_file - determines which morphology to simulate (cell4,
21, 26 or 28)

After the simulation is complete (brief run) something similar to this
should be displayed:


20130717 Minor correction applied to mRin.hoc, in the placement of
current injection to the axon/soma.  The only consequence of this
correction is a slightly different value of rho_axon (e.g. 182 vs. 187
for the exemplar cell), which has no significant effect on the