This is the model for the paper:

Biddell K, Johnson J (2013) A Biophysical Model of Cortical Glutamate Excitation of Medium Spiny Neurons in the Dorsal Lateral Striatum 56th IEEE Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems

These NEURON simulator files were supplied by Kevin M Biddell,
kevin.biddell at


Either auto-launch from ModelDB or download this archive, extract, and
compile the mod files (with nrnivmodl on linux/unix, mknrndll on mac
os x, mswin).

To generate Figures load session or after first
loading kmb.msn.5.hoc.  The auto-launch will automatically load  When Init & Run is pressed (for you should
see this graph:


Double click on kmb.msn.5 then load session

This Folder contains validated and updated NMDA and AMPA receptor
models set to KMB's published single compartment medium spiny neuron
(scMSN) to be published at IEEE midwest symposium on circuits and
systems 2013. This allows cortical stimulation and injection
stimulation and KMB.MSN.5 that does not overwrite parameter
values. This has a KBNetStim point process that allows for runtime
modification of experimental excitiation. This Replaces the newly
modiffied NETSTIM that does not allow that. Please use