Matlab files for the model used in the paper:

Halnes G., Ostby, I., Pettersen, KH., Omholt, S. & Einevoll, GT. (2013)
Electrodiffusive model for astrocytic and neuronal ion concentration dynamics.
PLoS Comp. Biol. 9(12): e1003386

In Halnes et al. 2013, an electrodiffusive formalism was developed for
computing the dynamics of the membrane potential and ion
concentrations in the intra- and extracellular space in a
one-dimensional geometry (cable). This (general) formalism was
implemented in a model of astrocytes exchanging K+, Na+ and Cl- ions
with the extracellular space (ECS).  In a limited region (0<x<l/10
where l is the astrocyte length), the ECS was exposed to an increase
in the local K+ concentration. Simulations were run to explore how the
astrocyte contributed in transporting K+ out from the
high-concentration region via a mechanism known as spatial buffering,
which involves local uptake from high concentration regions,
intracellular transport, and release of K+ in regions with lower ECS

The Matlab-files represent the astrocyte/ECS model, and reproduce
three of the figures (figures 4, 5 and 6) from Halnes et
al. 2013. Note the matlab titlebar figure numbers are different than
the paper figure numbers:

Figure 4:
screenshot 1

Figure 5:
screenshot 2

Figure 6:
screenshot 3

We refer to the paper for more details.

The model files were supplied by Geir Halnes