This is the modeling package to accompany paper by:

Cengiz Gunay, Fred Sieling, Logesh Dharmar, Wei-Hsiang Lin, Verena

Wolfram, Richard Marley, Richard A. Baines, and Astrid A. Prinz.

Title: TBD; in preparation.

Download from:


XPPAUT 5.99 -

Neuron 7.1 -

PANDORA 1.3b -


channels/	Results of channel fits and related figures (see all_channels.m).

xpp-models/	Isopotential and ball-and-stick models and their figures (see figure_models.m).

morphological/	Multicompartmental model in Neuron (see figures.m).

param-fitter/   Matlab code used for channel parameter fitting (add to Matlab path).

Workflow/history of project:

- Channel data were fit with the Neurofit tool and then re-adjusted with param-fitter in Matlab.

- XPP models were built with these channels and hand-tuned to fit observed f-I, v-I, and delay.

- Neuron model used these channels and some properties of the ball-and-stick model.

- Morphological reconstruction passive parameters were tuned to recorded capacitance responses.

- Channel distribution hand tuned to mimick observed current responses.


- Matlab files are scripts with sections that correspond to

figures. They are NOT meant to be run as a whole. Sections must be run


Please report problems/suggestions/comments to:

Cengiz Gunay (cengique AT