This is the readme for the model associated with the paper:

Norheim ES, Wyller J, Nordlie E, Einevoll GT (2012) A minimal
mechanistic model for temporal signal processing in the lateral
geniculate nucleus. Cogn Neurodyn 6:259-81

This is the code the authors used.

The responses of relay cells in the lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN)
are shaped by their diverse set of impinging inputs: feedforward
synaptic inputs stemming from retina, and feedback inputs stemming
from the visual cortex and the thalamic reticular nucleus.

This MATLAB model, with an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI),
explores possible roles of these feedforward and feedback inputs in
shaping the temporal part of the receptive fields of LGN relay cells
with, so called, ON symmetry. A minimal mechanistic firing-rate model
tailored to elucidate salient feedforward and feedback effects is
considered including, in particular, feedforward excitation and
inhibition (via interneurons) from retinal ON cells and excitatory and
inhibitory (via thalamic reticular nucleus cells and interneurons)
feedback from cortical ON and OFF cells. Various types of visual
stimuli can be explored: flashing spots, impulses, sinusoidal

The model is executed by running LGNcircuit.m. After a short time you
should see an image which includes the circuit diagram from Fig. 1:


Please see the help files ipd_help.pdf, ptab_help.pdf in the helpFiles
folder for more information.