This archive contains NEURON code associated with:

McDougal, R. A., Hines, M. L., & Lytton, W. W. (2013). Reaction-diffusion
    in the NEURON simulator. Frontiers in neuroinformatics, 7.

These model files were supplied by Robert A. McDougal.

Files: -- The code for the model of Figure 1. The graph in that figure
                   was made with NEURON's GUI controls.
           -- An expanded version of,
                                       with code for storing state values,
                                       plotting, and more courtesy of Alexandra

README.html -- this file -- Generates an approximation of Figure 6. Use more alpha values to
            match the figure exactly.

in less than a minute will produce graphs like these:

figure 1
figure 2

in a minute or so will generate the following figure:

Speed fig