These NEURON + Python scripts associated with paper:

Ruben A. Tikidji-Hamburyan, Joan Jose Martinez, John A. White, Carmen C. Canavier
Resonant interneurons can increase robustness of gamma oscillations
J Neuroscience 2015 35(47): 15682-15695; doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.2601-15.2015

To use this scripts you need python libraries:

  1. numpy
  2. scipy
  3. matplotlib and LaTeX for correct graphical interface
Under Ubuntu or any other Debian based Linux, run sudo apt-get install python-numpy python-scipy python-matplotlib texlive-full. You can use yum or zymm under RadHad or SUSE based Linux distributions.

To run simulations the network of resonators:

  1. cd resonator
  2. nrnivmodl
  3. nrngui -nogui -python --help
Last command prints out a short HOWTO and the list of parameters on screen, but does not run simulation. You can use printed parameters to replicate Figures in the paper.

For example, to replicate Figure 4 run:
nrngui -nogui -python -Iapp=0.15e-5 -gsyn=3e-7 -nstart='(900.,0.21e-5,1000)' -Istd=0 -gui -view
Figure 4

or to replicate Figure 9C3 run:
nrngui -nogui -python -Istd=0 -Iapp=0.2e-5 -gsyn=0.005e-5 -delay=1 -view -gui -tstop=5000 -F=1,0.1125 -c=299 -Vinit=-65 -sort=F
Figure 4

To run simulations the network of integrators:

  1. cd integrator
  2. nrnivmodl
  3. nrngui -nogui -python --help
Again last one will print out short HOWTO.

For example, to replicate Figure 9C1 run:
nrngui -nogui -python -isatty -Istd=0 -Iapp=0.0005,4.5e-5 -gsyn=1e-7 -delay=1 -view -gui -tstop=5000 -c=299 -Vinit=-65
Figure 4

and to replicate Figure 9C2 run:
nrngui -nogui -python -isatty -Istd=0 -Iapp=0.0005,4.5e-5 -gsyn=1.25e-5 -delay=1 -view -gui -tstop=5000 -c=299 -Vinit=-65
Figure 4