This is the readme for the model associated with the paper:

Synaptic Efficacy as a Function of Ionotropic Receptor Distribution: A
Computational Study PLOS One (2015)

These files model the response of an AMPA receptor kinetic model to
the release (and diffusion) of glutamate as a function of distance
between receptor and release site.

Content of the zip file: 3 files.

One file is the model of NT diffusion and AMPA receptor (XML file).
The other 2 are python scripts used to run the simulation and plot the
results. The results plotted correspond to figure 1 of the paper.

Requirements: Libroadrunner (free open source simulation engine),
Python, Numpy and MatplotLib.

To run:  
In a terminal, type:    python

Results corresponding to Fig. 1 of the manuscript are found in the
following files:
- O2_all_distances.pdf
- O3_all_distances.pdf
- O4_all_distances.pdf

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