This is the readme for the BPD brain simulation for the paper:

Berdahl CH (2010) A neural network model of Borderline Personality
Disorder. Neural Netw 23:177-88

This model was contributed by Carl Berdahl.


Download and extract the archive.  Open the BPDBrain.dsp project file
in Microsoft Visual Studio (2010).  Accept a one-way conversion to
update project. Build the BPDBrain project. In windows explorer find
the application file that was created BPDBrain/Debug/BPDBrain.exe and
double click it to start. If you click on the integrate button the
simulation runs with the default parameters set to a normal brain
(fig. 7 in the paper)

screenshot 1

To change the parameters to a BPD brain change the synaptic weight,
zo_vmPFC from 1.0 to 0.1 by first clicking on the mvPFC button to

screenshot 1a

Rerun the simulation by clicking integrate you should see a figure
similar to (fig. 9 in the paper):

screenshot 2