This is the readme for a model of the dopaminergic (DA) and GABAergic
neurons from Morozova et al, 2016 PLOS Computational Biology and

Morozova EO, Myroshnychenko M, Zakharov D, di Volo M, Gutkin B, Lapish
CC, Kuznetsov A (2016) Contribution of synchronized GABAergic neurons
to dopaminergic neuron firing and bursting.
J Neurophysiol. 116(4):1900-1923

These model files were contributed by Ekaterina O Morozova.

The model is presented in 2 formats: 

1) In MATLAB format (mainDAneuron.m) with associated built MEX files
and source C codes (DAneuronDB.cpp and DAneuuonGABApopulationDB.cpp).

2) In XPPAUT format (DAandGABAneurons.ode).
1) mainDAneuron.m is the main program, which produces voltage and Ca
traces of the DA neuron under different conditions, phase planes

screenshot 1

screenshot 2

and reproduces part of figure 2 from the paper:

screenshot 3

This code contains complied MEX files for 64-bit system and the source
C codes that could be compiled on your platform.  We recommended to
compile MEX files on your platform. This can be done by uncommenting
the "mex DAneuronDB.cpp" line (line 3) in the mainDAneuron.m for the
first part of the code and "mex DAneuronGABApopulationDB.cpp" line
(line 59) for the second part of the code (requires MEX compiler
installed within MATLAB).

DAneuronDB.cpp is a C code for calculating DA neuron voltage and Ca
DAneuronGABApopulationDB.cpp is a C code for calculating DA and GABA
neurons voltages,as well as Ca, GABA and Glu synaptic variables.
These files could be modified, for example to get more outputs of the
model, such as currents or gating variables.

Glu_raster.m is a functions that simulates Glu inputs as Poisson

2) DAandGABAneurons.ode is XPPAUT code for calculating DA and GABA
neurons voltages, etc and producing bifurcation diagrams.